Mother Marie-Léonie’s faith made her see and serve Christ in the person of the priest and in all those she met. Her esteem for the priesthood was equal to her devotion to the Eucharist. She went to God very simply, putting her trust in Him as a child would to a good Father.

The Virgin Mary had a special place in her affection: “My confidence in our good Mother is unlimited. She knows our needs and has such great power over the heart of her divine Son.” She had a remarkable devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows and to Our Lady of the Rosary.

Her love of St. Joseph was also limitless, calling on him in all her needs and in all circumstances.

She made several pilgrimages to the Shrine of St. Anne-de-Beaupré, praying to her with fervor.

She loved the Holy Trinity and was profoundly attached to the Holy Family, who she called: this dear “Trinity on earth”.

Her community is dedicated to the Holy Family and has exactly the same purpose as Father Basile Moreau originally dreamed of for his Marianites: the service of Jesus present in his priests, following the example of Mary in Nazareth. She also wanted her sisters to work as “associates”, “auxiliaries” or “cooperators” in the ministry of priests.

She desired her sisters to be, in the service of God, “women of prayer” of course, but also “women of work” and action, by serving Jesus in his priests. Finally, she wanted them to be “humble”, living in the spirit of the Holy Family of “Nazareth”.

A characteristic feature of her personality so captivating was her love of work. Her thoughts can be summarized thus: “Let us work, my daughters, we shall rest in heaven!” She worked to the end, reserving for herself but a few minutes to live her last moments.